For this production I was asked to fully manage sound and lighting for a small scale live performance event. The acts consisted of a typical rock band setup as well as individual acts. For this production I used an ETC ION to control a rig of Source 4s for washes and house lights, and 2x […]

Birthday Party

For this project I was asked to provide full AV coverage for a medium sized disco party. The main event lighting was bought in by Live Suite Media, I used LED sound activated Martin and Chauvet lights to provide a light show for the crowd. For washes and mood lighting I used an existing DMX setup which consisted […]


For this medium sized school disco, I was asked to provide and manage all sound and lighting aspects of the event. I used an ETC Ion to program cues (Mac 250 moving heads as the ‘main’ light show with LED par-cans to do colour fills of the rest of the room.) I pointed 2 par-cans […]

Lord Jonathan Sacks

For this project I was asked to provide full AV coverage for a guest speaker and interview session. We were tasked with mixing front of house and providing a video stream from multiple cameras to be broadcast across repeater screens throughout the hall. For sound we used various Sennheiser cardiod reporter mics for direct lecturing and […]

The Club

For this project I was asked to use existing equipment to provide lighting for a small school production. The lighting desk of choice was the ETC Ion system, based on a reliable Windows 7 build, the Ion provides live chase cues and the separate touchscreen display meant we could choose colours and effects on the fly […]

Commander Chris Hadfield

For this event I was asked to provide wireless mics for a lecture, Q&A and live performance of Cmdr Hadfield’s cover of Space Oddity A range of mics including Line 6 wireless and Shure SM57 mics were used for the event. The AV setup was almost identical to that of the Ian Poulter event, just with the […]

Ian Poulter

For this project I was asked to provide a suitable setup allowing a person to interview Ian Poulter on stage and also to provide wireless handheld mics to use in the audience for a Q&A session as well. All this was required to be broadcast on seven different Sharp 70″ UHD displays to allow the entire […]